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June 24, 2014 - No Comments!

Getting Stronger

Ah, band merch. We've come full circle.

It's been a long time since FireOutside media designed for a recording artist. So when musician and vocalist, Jacob Hill, reached out to me for his debut album artwork, I jumped at the opportunity!

You see, band merch design is where it all started for FireOutside media. T-shirts, stickers, buttons – my first client work. The one project that always alluded me though? Album art.

Since moving on from band merch, I've had the opportunity to create tons of logos, websites, and even billboards among everything. Going back to band merch for a client was not only refreshing, it was nostalgic!

The Creative Process

I wanted to experiment a little with the photography that Jacob (self)supplied. Given the project relationship, Jacob was willing to let me take a few rounds to get some ideas out on the table.

At this stage, I had yet to listen to the album in full so I don't think I had a full grasp on the feeling we wanted the album art to portray. It took a few attempts before I asked Jacob if I could get access to his album before its release. I'm glad I did because I was way off in matching the cover art with the album's sound (not to mention, it was an honor to get to listen to the final album before the general public). Take a look.


The Final Cover

After taking in the album as a whole, I was able to deliver a design that really spoke to Jacob and to the feeling that the music provoked. "That's the one" he said.


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